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A Koren Specific Technique & Activator Method Practitioner

About Us


Our History

   Nature's Way Chiropractic has been caring for individual's in the Madison area since 2007. "Our practice is different." Moore explained; "I conceived the practice from a patient's perspective. For many years I was the person in the waiting room, on the table, writing a check, and feeling completely disconnected from the whole process. I imagined a practice where my patients wouldn't be herded through like cattle, so I decided to create an LPV." 

    Nature's Way Chiropractic uses distinct systems of patient management to distinguish itself as a Limited Patient Volume practice or LPV. Dr. Moore continued; "This means several things to our patients. Since patient loads are held low I get to spend more time with our patients and have less stress. Our patients appreciate the prompt service and the extra individual attention." 

   Nature's Way Chiropractic is a patient-centered practice. Since the beginning, patients have enjoyed a comfortable family atmosphere that provides support, encouragement, and hope during the healing process and beyond.



   Dr. Moore was honored with the prestigious Milton W. Garfunkle award - the highest award given by Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic to a graduating doctor and the Clinical Excellence Distinction Award by the SCSC faculty.


Years in Business

   Nature's Way Chiropractic has been in business since 2007 and was located at the Hughes Rd/Portal Ln/Mill Rd intersection for 10 years until relocating to the Madison Medical Plaza on Hughes 

Rd in January 2017.